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Everything has Beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Massage Treatments 


Massage is a great way to relax. It has many physical and psychological benefits.


Physical benefits include:

  • Relieves muscles

  • Relieves tension and improves mobility

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Stimulates the skin and muscles

  • Improves lymphatic drainage which assists with the removal of waste and toxins

  • Relaxes the body and thus improves mental concentration and reduces stiffness in the muscles


Psychological benefits include feeling soothed and pampered, calming the mind, dispersing accumulated stress and emotion and creating a general feeling of calm and well being. Furthermore, sleep patterns can improve, bringing a sense of calm as sleep allows the brain to rest and process the day’s information.

 The stress hormone cortisol, has also been shown to drop after a massage

Massage is an amazing way to create balance in life.


Back Neck and Shoulders

Massage techniques are used to massage your back, neck and shoulders to alleviate tension, emotional and physical stress. The above problems usually are held within your neck and shoulders, it’s the perfect option for a quick release. You will decide the pressure preferred at the start of your treatment.

Treatment time 30 mins


Full Body - Relaxation

Several different massage techniques are used over all of the body to encourage relaxation and lymphatic drainage. Please inform the therapist if there are any areas where you feel you need more attention. You will decide the pressure preferred at the start of your treatment.

Treatment Time 1hr


Full body - Deep tissue

Deep tissue massage techniques are used to break up scar tissues, break down knots and ease fibrocystic nodules. Deep tissue massage involves applying firm pressure with slow stokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. This type of massage can be intense but it should never hurt. It is important to breathe when the body tenses. Please inform the therapist if there are any areas where you feel you need more attention. You will decide the pressure preferred at the start of your treatment. If any pain is felt it is imperative that you inform the therapist.

Treatment Time 1hr


Full body – 1.5 hr

​A one and a half hour full body relaxation massage or deep tissue massage.

Treatment time 1.5 hrs



Please arrive on time to your appointment. Clients who are late will be subject to cancellation if the remaining time does not allow for the full treatment to be carried out. In some cases a cancellation fee will be required. All appointments require a non refundable deposit. Please read the full terms and conditions prior to booking.

You will need to complete a consultation form prior to your appointment. You will also need to familiarise yourself with the appointment instructions and after care. Please let your therapist know of any concerns prior to your appointment. You must keep your therapist informed of any changes in your health when you return for repeat treatments. Failure to adhere to the before and aftercare will affect the life of your treatment.


Prior to your appointment  

  • Complete the consultation form

  • It is important to hydrate before and after the appointment

  • Do not eat right before the appointment, have a light meal 1 -2 hours before the treatment

  • Where possible, wear loose fitting clothes

  • Where possible, shower prior to your appointment

  • If possible, go to the gym prior to your appointment

  • Request your preferences. The aim of the treatment is to ensure you feel relaxed and satisfied that your target areas have received the required attention. If you want a particular area worked on more, discuss this with your therapist. This is the same for pressure. Please let the therapist know if and where you would prefer more or less pressure. This can also be adjusted during the treatment

  • Be sensible with your timing. Many of us lead busy lifestyles, but try to take the time to take a rest from your busy schedule after the massage as jumping back into a busy lifestyle can undo the benefits.

  • Use the bathroom prior to your appointment


Aftercare Advice

  • Continue to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and rehydrate the body

  • Exfoliate the skin to improve its condition

  • Use moisturiser to hydrate the skin

  • Body brush when in the shower to improve circulation

  • Eat a light meal after your treatment. For 24 -48 hrs after treatment avoid large, heavy meals and curries or other spicy foods.

  • Prolong the effects of massage by having a warm bath and allowing time for further relaxation

  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and smoking

  • Use a hot water bottle on specific areas of tension to keep the muscles relaxed

  • Don’t exercise after your treatment, wait 12 – 24 hours


Aftercare Tips

  • It can be common to feel emotional after a massage. It is important to not suppress these emotions.

  • It is common to experience tiredness

  • You may perspire more, produce more urine or have more frequent bowl movements

  • If you have any of the above for more than 24 hours and this is unusual for you, we recommend that you visit your GP

  • It is recommended that if you have a specific area that needs treating, you should have a treatment every 1-2 weeks.



Massage F A Q 's


Will I need to undress?

You will need to undress the part of you being massaged. For full body massage it is preferred for you to remove your bra, however if you do not want to, the therapist can work around this. For back, neck and shoulders, you may keep your bottom half on. It is mandatory to keep your underwear on at all times. It is preferred that women do not wear sports bras. For males it is preferred that they wear fitted boxers. This is due to the possibility for being aroused. Massage increases blood flow, along with professional touch this can lead to a partial or complete erection. Please note, if at any time the therapist feels as if the treatment has turned inappropriate, they will have to power to immediately terminate the treatment. In this instance, you will still be required to pay the full cost of your treatment.


Do I need to shave?

No massage therapist should care about your hair. Whether it be leg, chest, face or armpit hair we are here to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. Our focus is on massaging your muscles so please don’t let this bother you. However, if you do prefer to shave prior to your massage, please do so 12 hours before as your skin can be sensitive straight after shaving.


I am on my period, is this ok?

Massage during your menstrual cycle can be beneficial. It can reduce pain and discomfort. However please let your therapist know if you are menstruating so they can leave out parts of the routine, as massage to the stomach can cause a heavier period. Don’t worry you will still get your full amount of time, the therapist will give some extra attention to another part of you.


I feel conscious about my body.

We all have insecurities about our body. Our therapists are sensitive to all needs. While you undress the therapist will leave the room. There will be towels to cover yourself up with until you are ready to start the treatment. The only part of the body that is exposed during the treatment is the area being treated. When the therapist starts on a different area, the previous area is covered beforehand.


​Bodily functions happen!

Massage is a great form of relaxation, it also has so many other benefits. One of the benefits include improved digestion. Stomach grumbles are very common. Do not be embarrassed or alarmed, these noises are normal. Some experience a slight increase in flatulence, again very common. Let it out, it is nothing more than a normal bodily function. If you need to go to the toilet, please feel free to excuse yourself.


Should I make conversation?

Generally we would encourage the client to not talk during the massage. We feel it is important to let the mind relax. However we do understand that some people do struggle to be alone with their thoughts. So if you prefer to speak, go right ahead.


Does it hurt?

A relaxing massage should not hurt, however a deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable at times where the therapist is working over fibrocystic nodules or areas of tension. It is important to not let your body tense up while working over these areas. Ifit hurts at all, please inform the therapist. You also get to determine the pressure at the start of the treatment. If you decide you want more or less pressure please let our therapists know.


Falling asleep

Some clients drift off to sleep, this is perfectly normal in a high state of relaxation. The therapist will continue as normal.


Feeling different?

It is common to feel a bit tired and lethargic after a treatment. Some clients can sometimes feel a bit under the weather as well, this is due to the toxins being released from the muscles. Your body will be working hard to rid itself of these toxins. You should feel completely back to normal after 24 hours, however, if you feel these feelings are persistent, it is recommended that you visit your gp. It is not unusual to feel emotional after the treatment, it is important to give yourself time to process these feelings.


Listening to music

Relaxing music will be played in the treatment room, however, if you have your own preferred playlist you may request to put it on through the speakers.


Do I need to bring a towel or robe?

No, you do not need to bring anything additional to your appointment, everything is provided.


Can I have this treatment at home?

If preferred I can travel to you for an additional fee. Please contact us to discuss prices and requirements.

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