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Period Poverty

Gold Beautique supports a fantastic local charity, Carney's Community

Carney's Community supports vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young adults aged 11 - 30 in the Wandsworth, Lambeth and surrounding areas. Carneys Community provides sustained, intensive one-to-one mentoring whenever it is needed, for as long as it is needed. The charity teaches employability skills, discipline, confidence and a sense of purpose by focusing on education and personal development. Alongside group activities such as sport and the arts, Carneys creates a supportive community environment, something that can often be missing from a young person’s life. Carneys also provide a safe space, weekly free boxing sessions, a cooked healthy meal after the sessions, other youth work, social enterprise and business development programs. 

Periods are a normal part of life for women. Imagine not having access to products to manage menstruation every month. Period poverty causes physical, mental, and emotional challenges. It can make people feel embarrassed and shamed for menstruating, and the stigma surrounding periods prevents individuals from talking about it.


Period Poverty has the capability to affect mental health and wellbeing, health and hygiene, education, work and social lives. Together we can make a difference!


Women deserve to have access to these products. It is necessary to maintain mental health and wellbeing

Gold Beautique will be providing products every month to help eradicate period poverty. If you would like to donate please do get in touch.

100% of donations will go towards products for the community. 

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